Open Water swimming.

Dear swimmers. If you fancy trying your hand at some open water swimming over the summer and don’t want to travel into Salford there is a great resource just 5 miles away, Todbrook Reservoir  in Whaley Bridge.
The session is run by Glossop Triathlon Club on Thursday evenings from 5.30 until 7.30 and most Saturdays mornings from 8.30 until 10.30.

There will always be a kayak out for your safety and a volunteer on the bank checking swimmers in and out. The loop distance is usually 400/450 metres.
You will need to register for a fee of £10 as insurance cover and pay £5 per swim unless you are a member of a Tri Club or British Triathlon in which case you do not need to pay the £10 and each swim will be £2.50.  We ask that you wear a wet suit or a tow float if you swim in trunks

For the last few weeks the water temperature has been in the high teens and I would add that these are really well run sessions with great attention to safety. You are left to swim round on your own and there is a nice cup of tea or coffee at the end of it. Do give it a go if you can.


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2017 AGM – Minutes, Chairs and Treasurers report.




Details Date:  21.06.2017
Time:  8 pm
Place: Duke of York
Attendees and apologies Attendees: Dave Cartwright,  Paul Adkins, Pam Etherington-Smith, Glynis Baglin, Allison Roberts, Ian White, Dave Crabtree, Joanne Horsey, Charlie Hughes, Chris Ward, Victoria Dipnall, Liz Crabtree, John Lucas, Kelly Parker-Marshall, Raymond Evans, Tracey Evans, Rachel Turner, Carol Ebrell, Rebecca Earl, Neil Ryan

Apologies: Gordon Cooper


Item No Topic Decision
1 Minutes from last AGM discussed. Agreed as correct. Proposed by :- Joane Horsey

2nd by: Allison Roberts

Agreed as correct by: All present at last AGM

2 President’s Welcome & Report Electronically Attached. Also presentation of Gift and Flowers to Dave Cartwright who has stepped down as Chairperson. Many thanks to David for his sterling work as chairperson.
3 Chairpersons Report Electronically attached. Also grateful thanks to David from Glynis for his support during illness, typing Committee minutes and other secretary duties.
4 Treasurers Report Attached. Many thanks to Paul for his sterling work as Treasurer.
5 Coaches Report Juniors won the Intertown League, Seniors 3rd – RMSC 2nd overall.

Mini Meets – Excellent performances all-round. Jessica Davie in 8yr old category won 2 gold & 3 Silver. Riley Worsell in 7yr old category  – medalled in a number of races.  Overall RMSC team were in the top 8.

Trafford Meet – Best visiting Team.

Mavis Wallace – 2nd overall

Friday teaching section incl Sunday session – going well overall.

6 Election of Independent examiner of accounts David Cartwright will ask previous Examiner if he is willing to do this for 2017/8
7 Election of Officers and other Committee members  

List of Nominees electronically attached. All agreed as the list as the numbers were as the Constitution so no voting required. New Chairperson – Ian White, Vice Chair – Dave Crabtree.

  No Resolutions for this AGM  


Actions needed The following actions are required:


Item No. Topic Person(s) Responsible Deadline
1 To contact Independent Scrutineer Dave Cartwright ASAP



Presidents Welcome, Chairs Report, Treasurers report, Committee nominations.

Next AGM:


Meeting Roles:


Date: June 2018

Place: TBA

Time: 7:30 pm


Chairman: David Cartwright

Minute secretary: Glynis Baglin



Meeting Closed:           8’45pm

                                 Thanks to all attendees.





President: Pam Etherington-Smith

Chairperson: Ian White

Vice Chair: Dave Crabtree

Treasurer: Paul Adkins

Secretary, Glynis Baglin (+ASA Registration sec,

Allison Roberts

Vikki Dipnall

Chris Ward

Joanne Horsey

Charlie Hughes

Gordon Cooper

John Lucas

Kelly Parker-Marshall

Tracey Evans

Rachel Turner

Carol Ebrell

Coach – Neil Ryan

Welfare Officer – Rebecca Earl



Chairs statement – 2017 AGM


In my last statement I would first like to thank all of the committee for their support over the last few years. In particular Glynis, Alison and Paul who continue to be pillars of the club.

The last year has seen the club continue in good health with excellent numbers for both Friday nights and competitive. This is very much down to the efforts of the Friday team and the extension of the offered teaching sessions that has been introduced. 

Competitive remains strong with good coaching and leadership from our head coach Neil who has been aided by James Goddard. This appointment has been a big success and I hope that the club continues to raise enough revenue to maintain payment for both positions. 

As the older group of swimmers naturally dwindles the club seems to have embraced the Masters swimmers and I hope that this is an area that can continue without negative impact on the rest of the competitive section. 

Dave Crabtree has supplied me with the latest medal tally which is on the website and which is a testament to the hard work of all at Romiley. 

We do at last seem to be making progress on Swim 21 thanks in no small part to Joanne who is driving this. My apologies to her that I have not had time to contribute. I hope the momentum continues and that the club does achieve the Mark.

Child welfare seems to be more of an issue now and we are lucky to have Becky managing this for us and taking a lead in all welfare matters. This should be reassuring to the committee and to parents and children involved with the club. I would like to thank Becky for her efforts in what is never an easy role. 

Finally I wish our new Chairman all the best in the role and am sure he will do his best for the club. I have already told Ian that I will help in any way I can and I hope I can maintain links with the club but feel it is best for someone who is more actively involved to take on the roll.


Thank you.

Treasurers Report 10th May 2017


Draft Accounts 2016/17 and Forecast 2017/18






  • Draft Accounts 2016/17



The draft accounts for 2016/17 is showing an operating surplus of  £605. This is much better than recent forecasts and can be primarily attributed to the very high levels of membership and subscription collection over the past few months. Of particular note is the higher cost of the annual ASA charges. Note, the club pays the new members’ ASA fees when they join and again each March. The double hit on ASA fees is covered by the Admin Fee levied of £25/member.


  1. Forecast for 2017/18


The pool hire cost has now been obtained for 2017-18 based on the diary dates previously circulated to the committee. In total, pool hire will amount to £34,051. (Note small refunds are also expected. Apparently, there are no opportunities for additional pool time for the main pool preceeding our existing sessions. Membership subscription levels are high, particularly the Friday night section (now in excess of 140). There doesn’t appear to be any immediate need to increase subscriptions for 2017/18 and there should be sufficient funding to retain James Goddard on his current 4.75 hours/week. The forecast doesn’t include any provision yet for the purchase of new lane ropes and storage equipment.


Summer Closing Dates

RMSC Summer Closing Dates 2017

FRIDAY & SUNDAY Teaching Section:
Last session: Friday 21st July 2017
Back on: Sunday 3rd Sept 2017
No Thursday, Saturday or Sunday’s
Closed from 22nd July until 31st August