On this page you can find: Club Constitution; Committee info; Fees, Code of conduct. List of helpers who have their DBS Check, and Qualified Teachers / Coaching Staff:

RMSC have produced a first draft of our risk assessments. GENERAL RISK ASSESSMENT FOR SWIMMERS HOME GALA RISK ASSESSMENT

For any issues regarding child welfare please contact our welfare officer in confidence at

Link to the club constitution. Sanctioned rmsc constitutionSanctioned_rmsc_constitution

  • President: Pam Etherington-Smith
  • Chairperson: Ian White
  • Vice Chair: Dave Crabtree
  • Treasurer: Paul Adkins
  • Allison Roberts – Admin
  • Vikki Dipnall – Admin
  • Chris Ward
  • Joanne Horsey – Swim 21 Co-ordinator
  • Charlie Hughes
  • Gordon Cooper
  • John Lucas – Assistant Welfare Officer
  • Kelly Parker-Marshall
  • Tracey Evans
  • Rachel Turner
  • Carol Ebrell
  • Coach – Neil Ryan
  • Welfare Officer – Rebecca Earl
  • Honorary Members of RMSC
  • Sue Beavis
  • Kath Bradley
  • Liz Crabtree
  • Pamela Etherington-Smith
  • James Goddard
  • Judith Lilley
  • Brendan Richardson
  • Chris Richardson
  • Neil Ryan
  • David Cartwright


New members charge.
After the AGM of 2016 it was agreed that we would need to apply a one off administration charge of £25 to cover the admin fees levied by ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) our governing body. These fees cover Insurance, ASA member and Regional & Cheshire Association Fees which have to be paid for each swimmer.
This can be paid within the first monthly payment, or as a separate transaction using the same identity code or by cash (in an envelope with swimmers name on it)

Friday nights teaching section : £16 per month
for one 30 min session

Friday night stroke development includes Sat and Sunday comp training £19  per month
two X 1 hour sessions
One X 1 hour 15 min session.

Comp training  : sat  sun tues £19   Per month
Three X 1 hour sessions

Elite sessions seniors only
Sat sun tues thurs
£26  per month
two X 1 hour sessions
One X 1 hour 15 min sessions
One X 1 hour 30 min session.

Any swimmers on stroke development or competitive side can still attend Badge Night bronze silver and gold and distance nights on a Friday night.

Associate member £9.00 per month

Absent Student £20 per annum For existing members who leave to study and will only be swimming during holiday periods.
Masters  Membership, members who pay an annual fee (£60) to cover ASA fees and Insurance but who do not train at RMSC but can swim for RMSC in Masters Events and enter the annual gala.
The Club  pay the Cat 1 level fees for all swimmers but those that are Cat 2  are required to contribute the difference which is £16.80.
Re Categories..

This was voted in by the committee in 2015. All swimmers of competitive clubs have to be registered to be able to compete within a certain category. The Club pay the Cat 1 level fees for all swimmers but those that are Cat 2 are required to contribute the difference which is £16.80.
What are the categories? These are ASA swimming categories.
Who sets them? The ASA.
What are the differences between the categories? See above.
Why are we being asked to pay this in the current year and not previous years? Swimmers have been asked since 2016. It was voted in by the club in 2015
What does the payment cover/purchase for the year? . It allows your child/children to take part in some galas.
Does this cover one calendar year or just to the end of the swimming year/season and it will be payable again in September?. It is payable each year at the beginning of the year.

Who needs to pay – everyone or just people in the tadpoles, mini meet galas or arena league? Anybody who wants their child to be eligible to swim in galas other that the friendly league.


Members wishing to apply to the club for funding please fill in the required form and it will be reviewed by the committee. Please be aware that the most the club will fund anybody is for 50% of the total cost of the course, this will be payed in 2 portions. The first will be paid on completion and presentation of the course receipt and proof of passing the course, the second will be paid at a date some time after when the volunteer has continued to show dedication to the club.The club is in no way bound to make either payment if the candidate leaves the club for any reason or if they are judged by the committee to have not upheld the spirit of the funding which is to contribute to the club from the point of the course onwards. Volunteers who regularly fail to attend will automatically disqualify themselves from the second portion of the payment.  Click here.



Code of Conduct.
As a reminder  the club has a code of conduct that we expect all members of the club to adhere to. Have a read below if you are not already familiar with it.

  • Arrive for training and competition on time, prepared and with the correct kit as requested by the Coach. Do not enter the water until the coach has instructed you to do so.
  • Inform the Coach before the start of training if you have any illness / injury which may affect your training.
  • Look at and listen to the Coach when they are speaking and follow the instructions given in training and at competition.
  • Behave appropriately in the water. Do not sit or pull on lane ropes or disrupt other swimmers.
  • Respect fellow swimmers at all times. Bullying in any form (whether that be Emotional, Physical, Racist, Sexual, Homophobic and Verbal, but not limited to these), will not be tolerated.
  • Behave sensibly in the changing rooms.
  • Notify the team selectors / Coach as soon as possible if you cannot attend a gala for which you have been selected.
  • If swimming for your club, stay with your team on poolside. Inform the coach or team manager where you are going if you leave the poolside.
  • Do and say nothing that will bring the Club into disrepute.
  • Personal conduct must at all times be of a high standard and reflect favourably on the sport and the Club.  Bad language in public or relevant group situations is not acceptable.
  • Performance enhancing drugs and substances are strictly forbidden. Swimmers are expected to be aware of the current list of banned substances and particular care must be exercised if anyone is on medication prior to or during a competition.
  • Illegal drugs and substances: The use of these, even though they may not appear on the official banned list in respect of performance enhancing drugs, is nonetheless prohibited.

At all galas swimmers, parents, helpers and anyone representing Romiley should..

  • Accept the decision of gala officials without undue protest.
  • Avoid words or actions which may mislead a gala official.
  • Show due respect towards gala officials.
  • Observe the authority and the decisions of all officials.
  • Observe silence at the start of each race.
  • Show respect to fellow team members and all members of other teams.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship at the end of each race. Win or lose.

Helpers with DBS Checks.

NAME                                             RENEWAL DATE                                                POSITION           

Paul Adkins                                         October 2017                                                     Poolside Helper

Neil Almond                                       September 2018                                                 Level 1 Teacher

Susan Beavis                                      July 2018                                                              Poolside Helper

Joyce Bennett                                   May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

Kevan Brelsford                               May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

Ronan Brindley                                 May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

David Cartwright                              January 2018                                                      Committee

Gordon Cooper                                May 2018                                                            Poolside Helper

Amy Crabtree                                    February 2018                                                   In Pool Helper

David Crabtree                                  April 2018                                                            Poolside Helper

Liz Crabtree                                        February 2018                                                   Level 2 Teacher

Denise DiCaprio                                 May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

Henry Dippnall                                  September 2017                                               In Pool Helper

Victoria Dippnall                               January 2018                                                      Poolside Helper

Raymond Evans                                 August 2018                                                        Poolside Helper

Kelly Fletcher                                     August 2017                                                       Poolside Helper

Emily Harper                                      June 2015                                                            Assistant Teacher

Freya Harper                                      July 2015                                                              Level 1 Teacher

Lesley Heath                                      May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

Scott Helsby                                       January 2018                                                      Poolside Helper

Joanne Horsey                                  June 2018                                                             Assistant Teacher

Charlie Hughes                                September 2018                                                  Level 1 Teacher

Chris Morton                                     August 2015                                                       Poolside Helper

Shona Morton                                   Novembert 2018                                               Poolside Helper

Allison Roberts                                  October 2018                                                     Level 2 Teacher

Louise Roberts                                  January 2018                                                      Poolside Helper

Neil Ryan                                             March 2018                                                         Coach

Jackie Sproston                                 May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

Rachel Turner                                    October 2017                                                     Poolside Helper

Laura Ward                                    December 2017                                                     Poolside Helper

Alan Wardley                                     August 2017                                                       Poolside Helper

Kevin White                                       June 2018                                                            Poolside Helper

John Willocks                                     November 2017                                                Poolside Helper

Andrew Worsell                                 May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

Qualified Level 2 Teachers / Coaching Staff:-

  • Neil Ryan – Chief Coach Pool tested
  • Glynis Baglin
  • Liz Crabtree – Pool Tested
  • Joanne Horsey – Pool Tested
  • Charlie Hughes – Pool Tested
  • John Lucas – Pool Tested
  • Kelly Parker-Marshall – pool Tested
  • Allison Roberts

Level 1 Teacher/s:-

  • Henry Dipnall – Pool Tested
  • James Ebbrell – Pool TestedRLSS Qualified Swimmers:-
  • Scott Helsby
  • Luke Watson

Poolside Helpers:-

  • Ray Evans
  • Caroline Liles
  • Ian White
  • Andy Worsell