The Pool dates  for 2017-2018spreadsheet can also be seen by clicking here

Dates for the future:  ( Shown as Date, event, Home or away, and warm up time)

Date Event Venue   Warm up Time
16/9/2017 TADPOLES Grand Central TBA
23/9/2017 TADPOLES Grand Central TBA
8/10/2017 Marple RMSC Home gala 6.45pm
14/10/2017 ARENA League TBA TBA
15/10/2017 Ashton RMSC Home gala 6.45pm
28/10/2017 Mini Meets (1) Grand central
11/11/2017 ARENA League TBA TBA
12/11/2017 Spenborough Bonfire Bash- Level 3 meet John Charles Leeds TBA
19/11/2017 Saracens RMSC Home gala 6.45pm
25/11/2017 Sheffield Snow Thrills – Level 3 meet Ponds forge Sheffield TBA
2/12/2017 Mini Meets (2) Grand central
3/12/2017 CLUB CHAMPS RMSC 5pm
9/12/2017 ARENA League TBA TBA
21/1/2018 Wilmslow Away TBC
6/2/2018 Marple Away 7.30pm
10/2/2018 Mini Meets (3) Grand central
13/2/2018 Ashton Away 7.30pm
17/2/2018 Mini Meets (4) Grand central
1/3/2018 Saracens Away 7.30pm
11/3/2018 Hyde Away 5.45pm
25/3/2018 Hyde Home 6.45pm
09/6/2018 Mini Meets (5) Grand central
16/6/2018 Mini Meets (6) Grand central
TBC M and D’s M/C Aquatic Centre Sessions 1-3
TBC M and Ds M/C Aquatic Centre Sessions 4 and 5
TBC M and Ds M/C Aquatic Centre Sessions 6 and 7