One of the most important things for any club is the welfare of the children. Romiley Marina has a dedicated Welfare officer. Becky Earl. Becky has a keen interest in swimming having been involved with the club from a young age; she has 10 years experience working within the legal environment of child protection and safeguarding. Becky can be seen on pool side usually on Friday and will treat all welfare conversations in the strictest confidence. She can also be contacted using the email romileywelfareofficer@gmail.com


There is more about ASA child welfare at the link http://www.swimming.org/asa/clubs-and-members/safeguarding-children/

All members of the club should have filled in and returned a Registration and Emergency contact form. If you haven’t done so or need to update yours please download from here and hand in to poolside staff.   registration-emergency-contact-photo-consent

Helpers – there are a lot of useful resources available which the club will be encouraging all helpers to become more familiar with. Please take the time to read

Section 4: wavepower15-section4  Guidance for Coaches,  Teachers and Poolside Helpers

and take a look at page 70 of wavepower15-section2  Subsection 2.1: Abuse, Duty of Care  and Reporting Process

RMSC – Child Safeguarding Policy Statement

Helpers with DBS Checks.

NAME                                             RENEWAL DATE                                                POSITION           

Paul Adkins                                         October 2017                                                     Poolside Helper

Neil Almond                                       September 2018                                                 Level 1 Teacher

Susan Beavis                                      July 2018                                                              Poolside Helper

Joyce Bennett                                   May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

Kevan Brelsford                               May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

Ronan Brindley                                 May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

David Cartwright                              January 2018                                                      Committee

Gordon Cooper                                May 2018                                                            Poolside Helper

Amy Crabtree                                    February 2018                                                   In Pool Helper

David Crabtree                                  April 2018                                                            Poolside Helper

Liz Crabtree                                        February 2018                                                   Level 2 Teacher

Denise DiCaprio                                 May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

Henry Dippnall                                  September 2017                                               In Pool Helper

Victoria Dippnall                               January 2018                                                      Poolside Helper

Raymond Evans                                 August 2018                                                        Poolside Helper

Kelly Fletcher                                     August 2017                                                       Poolside Helper

Emily Harper                                      June 2015                                                            Assistant Teacher

Freya Harper                                      July 2015                                                              Level 1 Teacher

Lesley Heath                                      May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

Scott Helsby                                       January 2018                                                      Poolside Helper

Joanne Horsey                                  June 2018                                                             Assistant Teacher

Charlie Hughes                                September 2018                                                  Level 1 Teacher

Chris Morton                                     August 2015                                                       Poolside Helper

Shona Morton                                   Novembert 2018                                               Poolside Helper

Allison Roberts                                  October 2018                                                     Level 2 Teacher

Louise Roberts                                  January 2018                                                      Poolside Helper

Neil Ryan                                             March 2018                                                         Coach

Jackie Sproston                                 May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

Rachel Turner                                    October 2017                                                     Poolside Helper

Laura Ward                                    December 2017                                                     Poolside Helper

Alan Wardley                                     August 2017                                                       Poolside Helper

Kevin White                                       June 2018                                                            Poolside Helper

John Willocks                                     November 2017                                                Poolside Helper

Andrew Worsell                                 May 2017                                                             Poolside Helper

Qualified Level 2 Teachers / Coaching Staff:-

  • Neil Ryan – Chief Coach Pool tested
  • Glynis Baglin
  • Liz Crabtree – Pool Tested
  • Joanne Horsey – Pool Tested
  • Charlie Hughes – Pool Tested
  • John Lucas – Pool Tested
  • Kelly Parker-Marshall – pool Tested
  • Allison Roberts