Monthly Archives: September 2017

RMSC latest.

Reminder mini meets applications close on Friday 15th September

Application Forms available poolside and

On our closed facebook page and on our website please hand all entries to  Tracy Evans or any poolside helper.

Spenborough bonfire gala applications are now open : very busy gala and filling up fast when it’s full it’s full !! Apply soon

Again see the website and Facebook and recent email for links to apply direct.

Closing date midnight 12th October.

Reminder can all club champs trophy winners from last year please get your trophies engraved and handed back in to us ASAP. No trophy returned will result in you being unable to enter this years event,

Codes of conduct forms are due back can you all please return them this week. If you have not been given the forms please see Alli  or Glynis or Vikki,