Open Water swimming.

Dear swimmers. If you fancy trying your hand at some open water swimming over the summer and don’t want to travel into Salford there is a great resource just 5 miles away, Todbrook Reservoir  in Whaley Bridge.
The session is run by Glossop Triathlon Club on Thursday evenings from 5.30 until 7.30 and most Saturdays mornings from 8.30 until 10.30.

There will always be a kayak out for your safety and a volunteer on the bank checking swimmers in and out. The loop distance is usually 400/450 metres.
You will need to register for a fee of £10 as insurance cover and pay £5 per swim unless you are a member of a Tri Club or British Triathlon in which case you do not need to pay the £10 and each swim will be £2.50.  We ask that you wear a wet suit or a tow float if you swim in trunks

For the last few weeks the water temperature has been in the high teens and I would add that these are really well run sessions with great attention to safety. You are left to swim round on your own and there is a nice cup of tea or coffee at the end of it. Do give it a go if you can.